About PGil’s Landscaping and Gardens Blog

This site is dedicated to those who love the art of landscaping and gardening and can appreciate the beauty of creatively designed outdoor spaces.

As an ex-landscaper, I have worked with many subcontractors from various facets of our line of work. These include:

  • hardscapes and contractors
  • landscapers
  • maintenance workers
  • irrigation contractors
  • general contractors
  • Plant nurseries

… and more. I mention these because it is where I have learned priceless bits of information and advice from. This blog is where I hope to share with you information collected through experience, books, online research, and world travels.

Landscaping is Filled With “Ideas”

Through my years I’ve also had the opportunity to travel the world and experience a diverse view of my landscaping trade. Many landscape customers have “ideas” of what they want…

The problem is, usually that’s exactly what it is, an “idea” of the actual landscape they want.

For example, many of us Americans have an idea of what a Tuscany garden might look like (or to put it in other terms you could use the example of the homemaker who wants a Tuscan kitchen design).

An allotment potted plants with an assorted array of alluring colors; mesmerizing patterns created through stone and brick; strips of sunlight intruding through a beautifully painted white trellis with vines wrapped throughout, etc.

However, if you wanted a true Tuscany garden the trellis’ paint would be chipped, the mesmerizing stone work would be uneven and slightly separated, and the potted plants would be less colorful.

Some of the articles posted to this blog might shock some of you who haven’t been exposed to the true nature of landscaping… especially when it comes to prices (all you landscapers out there know what I’m talking about).

What’s That Web Address Again…?

pgil-eirdata, yes I know, not a pretty name.

It’s a domain name I picked up from the advice of a friend. My nickname is “Gill” (that’s a whole other story) and my first name is Peter, so I took his advice and picked up the domain. For those who use to visit this site because it related to something else, sorry about that but hey, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about landscaping and gardens.

Another friend told me to register an easier domain name to remember, but I guess I figured if people liked what I had to say they would find a way to get here (personally I rarely type in domain names, I just Google what I’m looking for or have a site bookmarked).

Where We Go From Here

Well, you’re reading this about page I assume because you are interested in what this site has to offer you and not so much about all my accomplishments and world travels.

So if you’re into learning about landscaping, gardening, and gardens, click through this site and start exploring.

I would like to ask one favor, though. If you stumble upon an article you really like here, please sharing it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, or whatever. Thanks!