Dealing With Small Space Landscaping

Not everyone has the means or desire to own a mansion with a huge backyard that requires full-time maintenance.

There are some of us who either by necessity or desire believe that good things really do come in small packages, including outdoor areas.

Similarly, there are ways to make small spaces look larger than what they really are.

garden-toolsHowever, before suggesting some ways to make your yard look larger than what it is, it is imperative that the yard is neat and orderly as when space is at a premium, every inch is important. Consequently, it is vital that you have some form of outdoor storage for your gardening tools and other items which are often left lying around your yard.

You Have Options

There are different methods of landscaping your garden depending on whether you want your yard to give a feeling of intimacy or an illusion of space. Although most of us will want to make a small space seem larger than what it actually is, there are others who are happy to capitalize on their space limitations.

Picking The Right Plants

For example, for a cozy, intimate feeling, the use of large shrubs and trees that give an almost overbearing feeling. These trees block out views leaving people wondering what lies beyond the greenery. In this instance, it is the next door neighbor. I mean, who likes open yards where people can see right into your house?

Not me!

To make your yard seem larger than what it actually is, long, straight lines are the perfect solution. This provides an illusion for the eye especially when the ends of the lines seem to turn toward each other providing a rounded finish.

Create Focal Points


You can also create a focal point in the garden to draw the eye away from the fact that there are space limitations. With the eye focused on this centerpiece or other point of interest, it draws the eye and mind away from the fact that the space is small.

pergolaThe focal point may be as large as a pergola or arbor or as small as a dramatic piece of garden art.

Whether it is via this garden art or through some other guise such as bright fabric draped across the yard or via a row of brightly colored trees or bushes placed at the front of the yard, it draws the eyes to the dramatic color and away from the fact that the yard is small.

Having a small yard out of necessity does not mean that you are stuck with a small space. With a little planning and thought, a small space can go a long way.

Image Credits: eriesargonaut, tea_time, Field Outdoor Spaces

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