Dirt to Grass with Hydromulch

If you have a bare patch of dirt you are probably thinking of how to ‘fix’ it.

Out of all your choices, I bet you haven’t thought of spraying Hydromulch over it. The result is instant cover that protects the dirt from the effects of wind and rain.

Hydromulch has the grass seed imbedded in it and is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to grow your own grass for a lawn or lush green field.

What is Hydromulch and How It Works

Hydromulch is a thick soupy mixture of a mulch base that will hold together under a variety of weather conditions and at the same time be a great nursery for seeds to germinate in.

The other things in the ‘soup’ are fertilizer to feed young grass, tackifier or binder to hold everything together, and some coloring which is just there to make it look pretty on the ground.

The last item is the grass seed. This is up to you to choose what grass you would like. The operator will mix it all together in a specially designed machine then pump it out through a hose or a mounted gun to just the right thickness.


Once the Hydromulch is covering your bare dirt, let it dry then start giving it some water. Not too much but frequently so that it stays damp long enough for the seeds to germinate.

Grass will start growing and show above the hydromulch cover as it sends roots down into the dirt.

You will not see it at first but if you get on your hands and knees and look along at ground level you will see a ‘hairy’ effect. A few days later the tiny sprouts will have turned green. Interesting to note, that what ever length the grass is above ground, underneath the roots are about 4 times as long. This is why you change your watering to a long drink at night once you see the grass at this stage.


Now just before you pick up the phone and order the Hydromulch to cure your bare paddock or side of hill from looking so much like the face of Mars, have a think about preparation.

This is bit that makes all the difference. Just think of how a tiny little grass root is going to tunnel down deep to find moisture and food. If the ground is hard then little grass roots are going to have a devil of a time doing anything except dying.

Be kind, loosen the dirt or put out some fresh dirt so that it is nice and soft for young grass to get established in. At the same time this is the perfect moment to mix into the dirt some slow release fertilizer. What you do at this stage will make all the difference in the world for your final result, both in the time it takes and how it looks. If you have questions ask Hydro Spray Grass to help you out.

Lastly, do not be too worried about the slope of the land.

Hydromulch is made to hold tight to very steep banks, or batters. Your Hydro Spray Grass operator will adjust the mix to hold to just about any slope. It is surprising how well it holds onto steep banks even during heavy rain. Many times customers will call after a storm and the newly laid Hydromulch looks like it’s gone.

At this point don’t worry too much because it’s not as bad as you think. Most of the time the hydromulch is still there but dirt has washed over the top. You will find that about 3 days later the area will be festooned with young grass all over the slope.

This will then put down roots to hold the bank in place and your erosion concerns are yesterday’s problem.

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