Low-Landscaping Tips: Less Time for your Garden, More for Yourself

If you find yourself tending to your flowers and gardens until the sun goes down or your water bills are continuously going up, then maybe it is time to step back and think about whether you spend too much time maintaining your garden and less time for yourself.

landscapingYou may have realized that you invite your friends, relatives and visitors to your garden to show off but for some unexplained reason, no one seems to notice your beautiful landscape or how gorgeous your flower gardens are. It seems the only one who can appreciate it is your pets that make your garden a good place for their private business.

It is really possible to make your garden attractive without straining yourself to maintain it. It is easy to have green surroundings, do a bit of work on the environment or make use of your green thumb abilities without having to spend too much time on your garden. If you plan to enhance your yard, then it is essential that you have a blueprint of what you have to do. An easy-to-tend landscape is the one that is properly planned at the very beginning.

Maintenance is such an overwhelming task for some homeowners, but is important to keep in mind that you still need to do those landscaping chores. You still have to sweep those dried leaves in order to keep your garden clean and beautiful. Spending even a bit of your time in planning your landscape will let you achieve a functional garden that doesn’t need much time and money.

Choose your Plants

This is the initial step when planning your landscape. It seems that homeowners tend to choose flowers and plants because they look beautiful on their garden. They buy them without thinking what their needs are.

Then, you find a good place for your flowers and soon after, they will bloom enhancing your landscape. But what if they start to die down and the leaves start to drop?

If you have researched something about the particular plant, then this would not be a problem for you. If you tend to continue considering what plants look good for your garden, then you will definitely lose the aspect of a low-maintenance landscaping.

Make sure to choose low-maintenance plants such as the variegated ribbon grass, peonies, winter king hawthorn and velvet cloak smoke tree that will make your home cool and hot according to conditions. Also these plants need little sweeping time.

Make sure you make your flower garden large or combine little ones into a big one to save you sweeping or mowing time. For the lawn, you can use an alternative grass such as clover since it is resistant to insects. It does well with the weeds as well so you don’t have to mow it often.

Consider the Climate

Climate in your area is essential in planning your landscape. This will determine which plants you opt to have in your garden.

If you live in warm areas, make use of xeriscaping or a landscape design that can withstand very hot or drought conditions. If you live in extreme cold temperatures, then you have to choose plants that can withstand soil which has too much water. You also have to consider the plants that are native in your area for they will surely survive even on their own.

Use Less Water

Water is a necessity for plants so you have to make sure each has enough to survive. Water is also essential to achieve a low-maintenance landscape. Make sure to choose plants that can tolerate drought rather than plants that consume too much water.

landscaping tipsYou have the option of having a rock garden rather than the traditional plant garden. You can have alpine rock garden and Japanese Zen garden where the focus is more on rock positions rather than the plants. So less time for mowing, weeding, sweeping and provides relaxation time for your alone-time.

Maintenance time is really unavoidable but certainly these tips will prevent your water bills go up and you don’t have to spend too much time tending for your plants. You will not only enjoy the beauty of all your efforts, but also you have time for yourself.

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