Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. This privacy policy will tell you what information this site does and also can (at your will) collect from you.


This site uses Google Analytics to analyze the website traffic coming to it. Through Google Analytics we cannot see any personal information about you; this includes your email address, home address, phone number, etc. None of that is visible or captured to us through Google Analytics.

The information collected by our Analytics software shows things like:

  • how many visitors visit our website
  • what country they come from
  • what website they came from (if any)
  • what search engine they might of used to get to our site
  • what keyword they used to reach our website
  • time spent on our site and how many page views

I’m sure there’s more functions we could use with Google Analytics but that’s all we really use it for to analyze.

Blog Comments and Contact Us Information

The times when we might capture your name and email address happens only when either you:

  • leave a blog comment
  • use our contact us form

When you leave a comment on a blog post (or send us your name and email via a Contact Us form), the commentator is required to leave their name and email address. Note that no matter the way in which we obtain your email address, we will never buy, sell, trade, or in any other way give away your personal information (name and email) to any other website or 3rd party unless required to by the United States government and laws.

Your information will only be seen by the users of this website and not stored or collected for any reason unless it is warranted through conversations with you.

And that’s about it.